At the core of our value proposition is the proprietary technology-enabled asset valuation approach.

The strength to stand tall in the market.

Quality assurance means every variable analyzed on every asset.

Our valuation services methods make us stand out from the rest.

The Technology Advantage

Accurate valuation of collateralized debt portfolios requires the isolation, assembly, and modeling of a large number of dissimilar quantitative and qualitative variables for each asset, then combining values for the portfolios as a whole. A significant complication is the sensitivity of asset values to constantly changing market economics. Capturing, using, and adjusting valuation data is challenging as much of the information is often hidden within loan origination documents and market information sources.

M1 Analytics’s web-based underwriting platform and asset valuation methodology affords clients the ability to transact efficiently and effectively while minimizing asset-level risk and maximizing return on invested capital. Our comprehensive requirements, analysis, planning, and development processes developed by subject matter expert’s (SME’s) over the decade has produced a highly innovative solution to the problems facing investors in the collateralized debt markets.

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