At the core of our value proposition is the proprietary technology-enabled asset valuation approach.

The strength to stand tall in the market.

Quality assurance means every variable analyzed on every asset.

Our valuation services methods make us stand out from the rest.

The Leadership Team

Mark B. Prior

Mark B. Prior is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer. He has deep experience in fund management, alternative asset analytics, enterprise level senior management, and strategy formulation/implementation. Additionally, Mark was a co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of a very successful mortgage fund where he developed and actively managed a national real estate debt investment fund that produced a high return on investment and managed a portfolio of both collateralized commercial/residential debt and real property. Before co-founding the fund in 2004, Mark spent more than a decade in the Fortune 100 manufacturing and forest product sectors which culminated in profit and loss responsibility for a $600 million business unit. He also has extensive experience managing projects in Asia, Europe and South America.

Mark holds degrees from Duke University (Master of Environmental Management) and Pepperdine University (Master of Business Administration).

Patrick Gilbert

Patrick Gilbert is a Partner and Chief Technology Officer. Pat is both an accomplished Product Marketing Manager and Software Development Manager with a strong track record of delivering innovative software solutions to a global market.   His 20+ year technical background in both Enterprise Software Development and Product Management allows him to effectively lead technical teams, sell solutions and manage portfolios for in both a corporate and entrepreneurial environment.    His career included senior technology management at General Motors, product marketing at Stanley Black & Decker, and key technology roles in early stage ventures.

Pat holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems from Texas State University.

Jacob Y. Riser

Jacob Y. Riser is a Partner and Chief Operating Officer.  He is the founder of a consumer finance company that offers high risk short term installment loan products. Jacob has an extensive background in credit management, credit risk analysis, and regulatory compliance experience.  He also has many years of non-performing and alternative hard money debt collection experience.

Jacob holds a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Business Administration from the University of Houston.

Randy F. Powers

Randy F. Powers is Senior Director of Analytics. Randy is an experienced consultant and analyst with a career centered on real estate development, project management, and rural land use. As project lead at Conservation Capital, he designed strategic solutions to balance conservation and economic development on forest and rangeland in Oregon. In addition, Randy founded and operated a small enterprise in local agriculture that focused on the relationship between food systems, urban centers, and rural land. His career began in real estate development with a company that specialized in urban infill and mixed use redevelopment with the mission to combat the effects of sub-urban sprawl around Atlanta Georgia.

Randy holds degrees from the University of Georgia (Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate) and the University of Oregon (Master of Business Administration in Sustainability and Finance).

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