At the core of our value proposition is the proprietary technology-enabled asset valuation approach.

The strength to stand tall in the market.

Quality assurance means every variable analyzed on every asset.

Our valuation services methods make us stand out from the rest.

M1 Overview

M1 Analytics LLC increases decision making capability of collateralized debt investments by enabling seamless asset and portfolio valuation management. We develop and sell advanced documentation management technology combined with predictive and decision analytics to derive high value investment decisions. Our distinctive competence is in the disciplines of portfolio management, data analytics, document management, and financial modeling and our delivered product offering enables clients to reduce the time required to make data driven investment decisions in a cost-efficient manner.

M1 Analytics serves clients in a number of sectors including banking, investment and equity funding, asset and portfolio management, professional servicing, and commercial loan servicing. The primary focus for the us is the sale of software to manage asset valuation and asset management of collateralized commercial debt.

Technology-Enabled Approach

At the core of our value proposition is the proprietary technology-enabled asset valuation approach that creates a much more efficient and effective means of very detailed multivariate analysis.  The asset valuation process technology is supported by a series of financial models, a proprietary document management program, and data management system. Click here for more information

Quality Assurance and Control

Our approach creates an unparalleled ability for clients to easily audit every variable analyzed on every asset; additionally, quantitative and qualitative inputs are clearly delineated and documented at every step of the valuation.  Moreover, every asset is valued in a consistent and repeatable fashion allow for a high degree of confidence in the output every time. Click here for more information

Predictive and Decision Modeling

Our proprietary models incorporate a variety of techniques from statistics and data mining to analyze the past and present of an asset thus giving clients a more complete ability to make fact- based decisions. Click here for more information

Customized Reporting

Clients can either use our standard reporting or create reports that serve their needs.  Our reporting allows for a comprehensive and precise dissemination of assets. Click here for more information

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